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13:37 Redmine Feature #3647: Data Import/Export System
This is also related to #950 which although it only covers imports, has just been committed and will be released in 3... Roger Hunwicks


06:29 Redmine Feature #17955 (Closed): Add link to /time_entries/new from My Page Spent Time block
I use the My Page Spent Time block to check that I have logged all hours for the previous day. It would be very usefu... Roger Hunwicks
06:28 Redmine Defect #17954 (Closed): /time_entries/new can't derive project from issue
If you use the /time_entries/new link to log a new time entry from outside the context of a project the form displays... Roger Hunwicks


13:32 Redmine Feature #3382: Ability to select only source code without line numbers
For me, the user-select fix doesn't look like it is working, but in fact it does.
What I mean is that when I selec...
Roger Hunwicks


08:51 Redmine Feature #9550: Include Updated By and Update Date Time in Issue List(s)
I've tried doing this with a saved filter on the Issues list, but I don't know if it is possible to do an OR query. W... Roger Hunwicks
08:41 Redmine Feature #9550 (Closed): Include Updated By and Update Date Time in Issue List(s)
I am involved in multiple issues at the same time, some as a Watcher and some as the person Assigned. In both cases I... Roger Hunwicks


10:38 Redmine Feature #1412: SMTP server config should be moved from environment.rb
It took me a while to figure out how to get Redmine to send emails using an internal SMTP server that doesn't require... Roger Hunwicks


09:39 Redmine Feature #296: REST API
Jean-Philippe Lang wrote:
> I've just added an Howto on using the Mylyn generic connector: [[HowTo Mylyn]]
Roger Hunwicks
09:10 Redmine Feature #296: REST API
+1 for Mylyn integration here too.
We are using the Generic Web Connector, as per the wiki page (thanks for that) ...
Roger Hunwicks


23:30 Redmine Defect #1525 (Closed): Link to view specific revision fails with Subversion Repository subdirectory
MySql 5.0.22
ruby 1.8.5
Rails 2.0.2
Redmine r1583
svn 1.4.2
Our svn repository is accessed via a subdirectory,...
Roger Hunwicks

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