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21:16 Redmine Feature #5458: Extend Start/Due date to include time
I'm in support of this change for the following reasons:
Time zones:
Many organizations now span multiple time zo...
Daniel Pocock
21:00 Redmine Development: RE: bounties, crowdfunding: how to fund things in Redmine?
Thanks for the feedback.
I generally agree with all the points you make but I don't think that these arguments eli...
Daniel Pocock


11:07 Redmine Open discussion: RE: When will Redmine appear in Debian stable again?
This involves a bit of effort from both sides, both the application developers and the package maintainers in Debian
Daniel Pocock
10:58 Redmine Open discussion: bounties, crowdfunding: how to fund things in Redmine? (from development forum)
I asked this in the developer section of the forum but there is not a lot of activity there for a long time so I'm po... Daniel Pocock


22:32 Redmine Development: bounties, crowdfunding: how to fund things in Redmine?

Do Redmine developers currently accept payment through any bounty or crowdfunding platform?
There are a few feat...
Daniel Pocock


08:09 Redmine Feature #30477 (New): user self registration: allow combination of email validation and manual approval

Currently, there are four choices for user self registration:
Daniel Pocock


20:27 Redmine Open discussion: coordinating work across multiple Redmines and other systems

A lot of theory suggests that it is best to use a single tool for things (e.g. having a single form that can lookup...
Daniel Pocock

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