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09:15 Redmine Help: i18N did not work in plugin?
I am using a plugin with its own locale files.
I just build a file(zh.yml) by copying the en.yml ,and translated it ...


07:40 Redmine Help: When are Object Mailer created?
I was using a plugin named "redmine_messenger", which enables a mail notification and a jabber message sent to anyone...


13:05 Redmine Plugins: RE: How To develop plugin for Redmine
This might help....
12:12 Redmine Plugins: How to user plug-in "Messenger plugin"?
I deployed this plugin "Messenger plugin" in my Redmine system , and I want to send messages to Openfire,but it wasn'...


11:22 Redmine Open discussion: How can I add BLOCK in my_controller Dynamicly?
I was trying to offer all the Custom_Queries in the combox of myPage.
It relates the BLOCK of my_controller,
my Que...


09:50 Redmine Plugins: why is plug-in "widget" not working?
由 sean chan 在 44 分钟 之前添加
I download a plug-in named "widget" from the plugin-list "
09:04 Redmine Help: why does plug-in "widget" not working?
I download a plug-in named "widget" from the plugin-list "


04:39 Redmine Patch #5254: How can I add a MenuItem in Redmine
yes, I havn't realized that a plug-in can solve this (actually I havn't know there's a plug-in focus on Adding a Item...


10:52 Redmine Help: How can I add a Menu Item in project_menu in Redmine?
I am using Redmine in order to offer a quickview of how many people are online last 2 hours
I just want to add a m...
10:48 Redmine Help: RE: Edit the top menu
it seems that you should edit the "lib\redmine.rb" files to achieve that
please see my Question "How can I add a Men...

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