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10:33 Redmine Plugins: Help with new plugin and accessing custom fields
I have a basic new plugin I have been working on that sends realtime notifications. So far so good. In moving on with... Chris Born


05:15 Redmine Feature #3125: Merging 2 different Redmine Installations
This very closely relates to a forum post I made just yesterday about moving a single project from one Redmine instal... Chris Born


21:26 Redmine Help: RE: possible to move/copy a project to new server
I was afraid that would be the answer. Moving a DB over is easy. The problem is I have about 20 projects on my person... Chris Born
03:50 Redmine Help: possible to move/copy a project to new server
We started a project several months ago using my personal server where I manage several additional small projects. We... Chris Born


21:33 Redmine Help: RE: RE: error throws when testing email (Gmail SMTP)
I have read through this post, and many other found across the web.
In trying to configure Redmine 0.7.2 to use Gmai...
Chris Born

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