Ron Monson

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13:46 Redmine Patch #243 (Closed): Patch for Feature 16645 - Wiki Page Hierarchy and Breadcrumbs
This patch allows you to assign a parent page to each wiki page creating a parent/child relationship. When used, bre...
13:42 Redmine Feature #528 (Closed): Wiki Page Hierarchy and Breadcrumbs
The ability to relate wiki pages in a parent/child fashion can be very useful. Many times wiki pages are implicitly


12:10 Redmine Feature #501: Unlimited project description
Patch for this at


11:06 Redmine Feature #526 (Closed): Allow longer project description
It would be nice if a project's description could be a lot longer much like the main site's home page description.


13:17 Redmine Feature #242 (New): Allow user to edit own custom fields + user search
Allow users to edit their own custom fields and implement a "directory" feature utilizing the existing search
13:13 Redmine Feature #524 (Closed): Allow users to edit own custom fields and search for and view other users ...
Currently users can only edit non-custom fields via "My Account". An enhancement would be nice that allows
them to ...

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