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18:40 Redmine Feature #35843: Rest Api: filter by issue category
The only viable details I can deliver to you is that I'm using a Redmine version 4.x. Thus, not yet the latest versio...


13:06 Redmine Feature #35843 (Needs feedback): Rest Api: filter by issue category
It would be really nice to allow filtering issues by their assigned issue category.


14:40 Redmine Feature #35839 (New): API: Unable to distinguish between user and group, for the assigned_to field
The `assigned_to` field for the `issues` resource, and the `default_assignee` for the `projects` resource return eith...


12:48 Redmine Feature #22327 (Closed): Sort Projects by status and custom field values
Having worked with Redmine for a while, I now have many projects running. Some of them are active, other are not. Nev...

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