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19:22 Redmine Plugins: RE: Local avatars Plugin v.0.0.1
Daniel S wrote:
> At I added a fork with all patches mentioned in t...


23:43 Redmine Feature #1189: Multiselect custom fields


13:34 Redmine Help: How do I control visibility of 'Document' section of a particular project?
I need that only the members of project 'A' see the 'Documents' section.
How can I control this?
Thanks in advance.
13:29 Redmine Open discussion: Permissions per project will be available in redmine 1.2.0 ?
Redmine 1.2.0 description says 'This release will focus on workflow and issue permissions enhancement: private issues...
13:22 Redmine Feature #4015: Make app settings overridable at project level
+1 I do need enable/disable 'Documents' Section per project.
13:19 Redmine Feature #2076: Individual Permissions for Each Project
13:04 Redmine Feature #1086: Fine grained permissions
+1 I do need setup 'documents' section per project.


13:02 Redmine Feature #4511: Allow adding user groups as watchers for issues


23:32 Redmine Plugins: How can I configure the order to call plugin hook ?
I have a plugin with a class that extends Redmine::Hook::ViewListener
This class defines view_layouts_base_html_hea...


01:56 Redmine Plugins: The last plugin to be called :)
My plugin extends Redmine::Hook::ViewListener and redefines view_layouts_base_html_head hook.
I need to insert the l...

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