Vladimir Medarović

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13:34 Redmine Patch #6364 (Closed): Serbian update in this website
This is request for update Serbian (sr and sr_YU) language in this website, because it is fully translated and up to ...


11:59 Redmine Patch #6339 (Closed): SERBIAN Updated
Updated translations according R4036.
One question for you: *When these translations for Serbian readers will be u...


14:01 Redmine Patch #6087 (Closed): SERBIAN translation updated
These are translations according English revision 3907.
Attachments includes both Serbian alphabets (Cyrillic and...


22:53 Redmine Patch #5409: Serbian Translation
* Updated both Serbian alphabet (latin and cyrillic) to v0.94
* Calendar (brand new latin and cyrillic)
* JSToolbar...


11:42 Redmine Patch #5409 (Closed): Serbian Translation
I have attached the full translated Serbian language files.
There are two versions in *Latin* and *Cyrillic*.

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