Rahul Raju

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11:36 Redmine Feature #22812 (Closed): Deleting a issue in UI
Enabling a delete option for deleting an unwanted issues would be better
07:23 Redmine Feature #22804: Closed status can be reopened
Please share the forum link


11:24 Redmine Feature #22804 (Closed): Closed status can be reopened
If the bug is closed we cannot reopen the issue again.Can the reopen issue be available for the closed bug too?


10:05 Redmine Feature #22793 (Closed): Description Editing
Is there an option to edit the description?other than adding an excess description below the original description.If ...


12:38 Redmine Feature #22752 (Closed): Draft feature
Similar to email a draft feature can be enabled. So we can save the information before entering the defect.

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