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19:51 Redmine Feature #2715: "Magic links" to notes
+1 Burt Culver


03:05 Redmine Feature #5332: Allow bulk edit of issues from different projects
+1 - We would find this very helpful too Burt Culver


22:35 Redmine Feature #5858: Ability to create a new custom query based on an existing one
Duplicate of #3606? Burt Culver


06:55 Redmine Patch #3606: Copy queries
Can this be merged into the tree? Burt Culver
06:51 Redmine Feature #6369 (New): Add custom format field type that is Resolvers
I want to make a custom field that is a list of the resolvers on a project. This would allow the developer to "assig... Burt Culver
06:42 Redmine Feature #6368 (Closed): Create a syntax for links to comments
If I want to leave a comment that references a comment I have to put a long ugly url in like Burt Culver
06:39 Redmine Feature #6367 (New): Shorten links to tickets in comments to #1234 format on save
If a user enters a link to a ticket in a comment like, redmine should shorten the ... Burt Culver
06:36 Redmine Feature #6366: Due date on an issue should follow the associated release due date if it exists
try Burt Culver


08:13 Redmine Feature #6206 (New): All bulk updating of multiple choice lists
If I have a custom variable list of the values A, B and C, I'd like to be able to bulk edit a list of tickets and add... Burt Culver


01:16 Redmine Defect #5817: Shared versions not shown in subproject's gantt chart
+1 would like this in the trunk, too. Burt Culver

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