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10:33 Redmine Job offers: Looking for Chinese Developers 中国人开发redmine
Looking for redmine help from Chinese developers 需要中国人。 谢谢你
isaac at
isaac rosenthal
10:31 Redmine Help: Can track what users visited a project page?
I want to have a report of what users visited a project page and when
Extra if can track what documents or files we...
isaac rosenthal


03:52 Redmine Open discussion: Looking for a place to take notes/notepad
I'd like to hear your thoughts on where is the best place for a manager or indidividual to take personal notes, ...
isaac rosenthal


05:44 Redmine Help: New Redmine User, need some guidance
Hi there, we are looking for feedback on the following questions
1. a lit of top 20 plugins to extend redmine. F...
isaac rosenthal

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