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22:21 Redmine Defect #25116: redmine:email:receive_imap "attachments is invalid" At outlook file attach
Problem... U+1F642Slightly Smiling Face Unicode-Zeichen
22:19 Redmine Help: RE: imap emails are read but no issue created
Same Problem here, no solution
Problem U+1F642Slightly Smiling Face Unicode-Zeichen


15:30 Redmine Feature #25527 (New): customize the hash tag in Redmine Receiving Emails
When receiving e-mail you can write #ID (as [[RedmineReceivingEmails]]). Can I make an XX # ID from #ID? So I can cus...


17:11 Redmine Defect #25116 (Needs feedback): redmine:email:receive_imap "attachments is invalid" At outlook fi...



14:49 Redmine Help: Preview of all Image-Attachment in PDF Export (Issue)

Is there a way to display all image - attachments in PDF Export?
Without Using !XXX.png!

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