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11:14 Redmine Development: RE: Adding a Core field to Redmine
Martin Denizet ( team member) wrote:
> Hello,
> I assume that by "module" you mean "plugin".
> I sugges...
Shreyas Moolya
10:04 Redmine Development: Adding a Core field to Redmine
I want to add a Core Field called as "Project Module" into Redmine.
I am using Redmine-3.4.3 with Rails 5.0.
I crea...
Shreyas Moolya


14:44 Redmine Job offers: RE: Seeking Redmine freelancer
I can help Shreyas Moolya


12:48 Redmine Defect #28327 (New): Use of 'Feedback' term instead of 'Notes' in Edit-event
I have been using redmine since last 2 years. Redmine solves a lot of problems in a very organized manner so I...
Shreyas Moolya


22:01 Redmine Job offers: RE: pay to install redmine
i can help you out
can you pay me through paytm? i reside in India.
Shreyas Moolya


10:48 Redmine Feature #26154: Quickly created new issues
liu su mark wrote:
> Quickly created new issues in issues list like open project, this is helpful doing project plan...
Shreyas Moolya


07:25 Redmine Defect #28115: Fail to create a task
Fail to create a task (undefined method `>' for nil:NilClass)
May you check the logs in the installation folder?It...
Shreyas Moolya


07:48 Redmine Feature #27988: Option to configure which trackers can be set as subtasks for each tracker
+1 Even I agree with this feature with my company having the same workflow with an Agile Environment,
Users add ta...
Shreyas Moolya
07:27 Redmine Defect #27990 (New): Roadmap Issues null on selection of version custom field
I cannot see any issues listed in my 'Roadmap' page when I enter a 'Build in Patch version' custom field. This...
Shreyas Moolya


11:36 Redmine Feature #27965: % Done and Estimated Hours field to be added in Spent Time
I am currently using MySQL 5.7; Ruby 2.3.5; Rails version:4.2.8 and Redmine version:3.4.3 bitnami version. Shreyas Moolya

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