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03:05 Redmine Help: RE: RESOLVED: Unknown namespace, at receiving mails from IMAP
Thanks for posting your solution. this also worked for me.
James Rowe


15:28 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Autorefresh on activity
I would definitely be interested in something like this.
We use the mail portion of redmine and have all inbound e...
James Rowe


15:32 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineTimeTracking (#10)
changed "Offcourse" to "Of course" James Rowe


16:59 Redmine Feature #7627: journal for changing custom version status
So I realized that I can add a custom field to a version, but there are no journal entries showing the changes.
James Rowe
16:36 Redmine Feature #7627 (New): journal for changing custom version status
Seems like the version status could be expanded to use enumerations or the custom field class.
Right now version s...
James Rowe
16:38 Redmine Feature #7628 (Closed): custom field type of 'user'
All a custom field to choose a user from the system. Either multi select (when you get there) or single user selectio... James Rowe
15:58 Redmine Feature #7626 (New): version due date and issue due date interactions
When adding issues to versions I expected the due date of the issue to match the due date of the version.
Here are...
James Rowe


21:12 Redmine Feature #7484 (New): User search for non-admins
Sometimes I want to see the activity of my colleagues, or find the e-mail for a user.
Searching by user would be u...
James Rowe
20:20 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Perl RT3 (request tracker) migrate script
I posted fix to the syntax error.
For my company I had to make sure all the saves worked. If you look at the rake ...
James Rowe


20:29 Redmine Feature #7323: Previous/Next issue breadcrumbs
... James Rowe

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