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09:56 Redmine Feature #3097: Add CSV export to Gantt
is it doable ?
because its 9 years ago ?
Randa Bustami
09:45 Redmine Feature #29212 (Closed): export gantt chart to csv file
can you add a feature to export gantt chart to csv file beside pdf and png format where pdf doesn't support Arabic font Randa Bustami


15:28 Redmine Feature #28603 (New): edit issue subject as bulk
why we cannot edit or update group of issue subject as bulk Randa Bustami


12:14 Redmine Feature #28308 (New): validation at date of spent time
can we add validation of spent time for the year and make it start from reasonable year like 2YYY where it accept 000... Randa Bustami


08:56 Redmine Feature #27821 (Closed): "Issue's subject" filter for spent time
can you add subject of the issue as filter in spent time page filter ? Randa Bustami


09:23 Redmine Feature #27199 (New): add log date to issue list filter
can we add log date filter to the issue list, where at spent time the issue ID is attached to the tracker and subject... Randa Bustami


15:25 Redmine Defect #27079: cannot chose multiple value for a custom field
this issue is solved
our system admin put validation at Db to except one value only !
you can close the issue
Randa Bustami
08:06 Redmine Defect #27079: cannot chose multiple value for a custom field
i had added new custom field type" list "and activate multiple values option but still give the same error (pls chec... Randa Bustami
13:35 Redmine Defect #27066: issue parents is wrong
we had installed the version again from the redmine and the issue is solved
many thanks for your help
Randa Bustami
08:43 Redmine Defect #27066: issue parents is wrong
please note we didn't change any code, we use the standard files remdine team release
how come the code of the fil...
Randa Bustami

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