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11:25 Redmine Feature #5386: Branch/Tags in Changeset Description
I think Colins arguments are valid.
This is just caching the output of a valid git command, nothing more. It does ...
Jan Ivar Beddari
11:17 Redmine Help: RE: Show git branch name in activity
#5386 contains a patch that covers half of what I need. You might just want to chime in there to say you'd like this ... Jan Ivar Beddari
10:27 Redmine Help: RE: Show git branch name in activity
I'm not sure but it seems like it should be possible. We can't really use the Activity view as it is now, our workflo... Jan Ivar Beddari


10:02 Redmine Plugins: RE: How To develop plugins with REST API capability
Any pointers to if this would be possible, viable?, and if it is, any example, would be of tremendous help.
Jan Ivar Beddari


11:51 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Versions vs Milestones
This is one of the most interesting threads in a long time, seems like it might be possible to reach a critical level... Jan Ivar Beddari


09:37 Redmine Feature #1091: Disabling default ticket fields per tracker
Sorry, I see now that this is related to #703 and together these are enough. Feel free to remove/delete these non-pro... Jan Ivar Beddari
09:34 Redmine Feature #1091: Disabling default ticket fields per tracker
Mischa The Evil wrote:
> Fixed the issue-relationships...
Mischa, how about changing or adding to the title of th...
Jan Ivar Beddari


10:40 Redmine Feature #1131: Add support for alternate (non-LDAP) authentication
Very much agree.
We use this together with mod_auth_kerb
Jan Ivar Beddari


08:50 Redmine Help: RE: Associating Issues With Each Other
Yes, indeed! This is my number one gripe with Redmine at the moment, a lot more so than a REST-api or .. other "fluff... Jan Ivar Beddari


09:04 Redmine Help: RE: Extending Redmine Search for plugin resources
Very interesting!
I can't help you but I'm on the same path so to speak. I use Subversion as a document management...
Jan Ivar Beddari

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