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20:03 Redmine Help: Help handle SVN repositories creation and access control with Redmine
... Jacob M
03:33 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine svn integration
Mod_perl give few problems in Ubuntu 10.04 ... Jacob M


20:46 Redmine Help: RE: internal error 500
HI I post here the LOG of redmine. I believe is a error with the ssh key
I try to import with:...
Jacob M
15:35 Redmine Help: internal error 500
HI I have the end version of redmine and also I try to upgrade with the seam version
But still I have the error.
Jacob M


00:45 Redmine Open discussion: RE: redmine in Ubuntu 10.04 and EHCP
HI Thanks Felix
I not see any error in apache . But I already solve
I post How to Install redmine in Ubuntu 10.04 ...
Jacob M


22:34 Redmine Open discussion: redmine in Ubuntu 10.04 and EHCP
Hi I Install redmine and all work fine if I make
*ruby script/server -e productionruby script/server -e production*...
Jacob M

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