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06:09 Redmine Feature #576 (Closed): Issue list: Add "project" item into filter
Now I cannot filter out issues for one project only from global Issue list... Maxim Krušina
05:55 Redmine Feature #574 (New): Add "My issues" to main menu
We're using "My page" for checking "My tickets" in 99%. I click on My page, then on All issues.
Because "My issue li...
Maxim Krušina
05:28 Redmine Feature #517: Add billing ability to Timelog
I just started to write down some ideas here:
Maxim Krušina
04:54 Redmine Feature #517: Add billing ability to Timelog
This part is absolutely crucial to us. JPLang: please, can
you decide the best way for development, ie build-in supp...
Maxim Krušina
04:50 Redmine Feature #517: Add billing ability to Timelog
Eric Davis> thanx for pluggin! I'm just wondering if plugin
is the right way of development. Let me explain my idea:...
Maxim Krušina
04:24 Redmine Feature #573 (New): Spend time and Activity enhancement
We have trouble using Activity field when reporting spent time on issues. There is one global setting for whole redmi... Maxim Krušina
04:01 Redmine Feature #572 (Closed): My projects (or favourite projects)
Because we have really long list of projects, some kind of Favourive projects should be nice. For example, I'm using
Maxim Krušina
03:56 Redmine Feature #571 (Closed): Configurable "Display project descriptions" in project list
It can be nice to enable/disable displaying projects descriptions in project list. Now the "Project description"
is ...
Maxim Krušina
03:42 Redmine Feature #570 (Closed): Customizable default state for "Public project"
We really need to add configurable default state for "Public" field in new projects. Now all new projects
are "Public...
Maxim Krušina


16:59 Redmine Feature #519: Ideas from Trac
> Changing the status, adding a note and time can be done
within the same form on the issue detail view since r1043....
Maxim Krušina

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