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11:17 Redmine Feature #2715: "Magic links" to notes


17:08 Redmine Feature #1077: ICS view of Calendar
11:08 Redmine Patch #3514 (Closed): Typo in Revision 2789 mail_handler.rb
Patch attached for "Revision 2789":


22:13 Redmine Feature #2334: Autocreate user account when user submits email that creates new issue
22:13 Redmine Feature #2609 (Resolved): mailhandler
Duplicate "Ticket 2334":


13:10 Redmine Feature #2609: mailhandler
Sorry, forgot to change the title.
09:59 Redmine Feature #2609 (Closed): mailhandler
It would be great if the mailhandler can receive mails from unkown users and search through the LDAP-Directory for th...


08:57 Redmine Patch #1724: rdm-mailhandler.rb can't handle https url
I enhanced the patch to distinguish between http and https connection.
It's a quick and dirty hack, a option is prob...


16:35 Redmine Patch #1724 (Closed): rdm-mailhandler.rb can't handle https url
When I tried to use the rdm-mailhanlder.rb script with a https URL, I got the following error....

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