Martin Klima

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06:32 Redmine Feature #556 (Closed): Subtasks
On a more complex projects, it is necessary to group task (issues) into larger groups. For example, I am working on
06:13 Redmine Feature #331: Allow to insert a screen shot easily
Actually, Source Forge Enterprise Edition does it in the browser.
In Windows, you press Alt+Print Screen (that copies...
06:10 Redmine Feature #480: Wiki: Support categories tagging and autolisting
+1 In order to use a wiki for some more complex project, it is
necessary to have a possibility of grouping wiki pages...
06:07 Redmine Feature #555 (Closed): Wiki macros
It would be nice to have support for some common "macros", like e.g.:
- Table of Content
- Include another page...

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