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16:01 Redmine Feature #5860 (Closed): quick jump project combo improvement
Guys what do you thin in improve the xp of the quick jump combo , making it seachable thru a a type combo box, and so... Felipe Campo


23:49 Redmine Feature #5341 (Closed): Default issue description per tracker basis
As a template per tracker basis, some times custom fields are not enough or the description in too short (just my exa... Felipe Campo


20:40 Redmine Defect #5069 (Resolved): Enumeration custom field not saving into custom values table for a time entry
Please delete it , It was a missunderstood of the persistence layer Felipe Campo


19:20 Redmine Defect #5069 (Closed): Enumeration custom field not saving into custom values table for a time entry
Im running Redmine 0.9.3.stable.3521 (MySQL) in ubuntu
# I created a list custom field for a TimeEntryActivity en...
Felipe Campo
17:35 Redmine Feature #5067 (Closed): Read only custom field
Hello everyone , i was looking to redmine tables and foud that there is a fiedl in the custom_field table , called e... Felipe Campo


02:39 Redmine Plugins: RE: Child already added error
Hi Michael, it is an good way to see the problem source.
I had to made a clean install of redmine and then reinstall...
Felipe Campo


23:15 Redmine Feature #1189: Multiselect custom fields
+ 1 For the patch into trunk Felipe Campo
16:28 Redmine Feature #4921 (New): Project custom fields according project type
When many project arrive, also comes the coincidences among them.
It means that I have created a Project type custom...
Felipe Campo


19:26 Redmine Plugins: RE: Wiki Extensions Plugin
I just Installed de latest version 0.2.0 with the 0.9.2 redmine version and it doesnt apperar in the plugin list. I s... Felipe Campo
18:34 Redmine Plugins: RE: Projects Tree View Plugin - Version 0.0.1
Hello Andrew , could you post the show.rhtml thar works, currenty Im havin the same problem with the plugin and the 0... Felipe Campo

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