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21:07 Redmine Feature #11044: Custom field types for time and datetime


21:43 Redmine Plugins: RE: Auto close and automatic comment when closing an issue
Hi, Christophe,
Have you found the plugins?


20:51 Redmine Feature #11313: Automatic closing of resolved issues
It's a highly required feature. In our installation we have an agreement: if a resolved issue is not closed for 30 da...


16:13 Redmine Feature #1710: ability to change the query that displays "Issues Assigned to me" on the My Page


10:43 Redmine Feature #5837 (Closed): Merge Projects
For some reason I need to merge a few projects into one. It would be nice to have such administration feature: Select...


19:32 Redmine Open discussion: How can I merge 2 projects into one?
Hi people,
Is there any way to merge two projects into one, including all objects: Wiki, Documentation, Issues.
I ...


07:32 Redmine Plugins: RE: Knowledgebase Plugin
I would also use the implementation in my company if there were search and permissions features in the plugin. At lea...


08:40 Redmine Plugins: RE: chat plugin
Yes, but I could not install it.
Some source modificat...


19:37 Redmine Help: RE: Export to PDF works strange with russian symbols
I tried to install the last version of redmine (Rev. 3606). The problem with the russian letters in pdf still exists....
13:04 Redmine Help: RE: Please how continue?
You need to run:...

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