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13:46 Redmine Open discussion: Search not finding all issues
For version 0.7.3, I see Redmine search is missing issues even if the specific query word is in the description of th... Bjorn Solberg
13:38 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Project->Settings --- Unable to add a new member
I saw the same thing, but after upgrading to the latest revision (r1773) in trunk, the error went away.
Bjorn Solberg
13:37 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Javascript bug in issue filtering
I just upgraded to r1773, and the filtering works again. Thanks! Keep it that way. :-)
Bjorn Solberg


11:18 Redmine Open discussion: ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches "/javascripts/all.js" with {:method=>:get}):
$ ruby --version
ruby 1.8.7 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 72) [i686-linux]
$ rails --version
Rails 2.1.0
$ svn info
Bjorn Solberg


16:46 Redmine Open discussion: Javascript bug in issue filtering
With the trunk version, I see
Error: $ is not defined
Source File: http://redmine.<mydomain>.com:3000/projects/te...
Bjorn Solberg


10:11 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Search gives "Internal error"
I did the solution suggested by Maarten, i.e. replace the "truncate" method inside the Rails vendor directory, and th... Bjorn Solberg


07:10 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Search gives "Internal error"
$ ruby --version
ruby 1.8.7 (2008-06-20 patchlevel 22) [i686-linux]
$ rails --version
Rails 2.1.0
I stopped and...
Bjorn Solberg


11:51 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Search gives "Internal error"
Now, trying to update an issue, I also get an "Internal server eror":
Processing IssuesController#show (for 71.118...
Bjorn Solberg
11:46 Redmine Open discussion: Search gives "Internal error"
I've installed 0.7.3 and have added some issues. When I search for something, I get "Internal error" and the app log... Bjorn Solberg

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