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16:46 Redmine Help: RE: I installed the plugin. After restarting “Restart All” “Redmine” is disabled after 10 s...
Not sure if it's the main cause, but the plugin's instructions says that:
> Unzip downloaded archive and rename extr...


12:49 Redmine Defect #28565: PDF export has too many whitespace
I can confirm this behaviour on 3.3.1.stable, 3.4.3.stable and 3.4.4.stable
The number of blank lines after each not...


08:21 Redmine Open discussion: Tutorials to install Redmine on Ubuntu Server 16.04 with Mercurial/Git/Let's Enc...
For the record: I didn't try any of the tutorials, but I saw a lot of posts in this forums asking for tutorials to in...


12:57 Redmine Defect #8742: % done in parent task is incorrect
Alexander Oleynikov wrote:
> Wasn't able to reproduce.
The issue is 6 years old, I suppose it was solved some tim...


11:14 Redmine Help: RE: Upgrade Redmine 3.1.1 - 3.4.4
You can have a look at the wiki:
And someone posted hi...
11:01 Redmine Help: RE: The error occurred when I try to install the 'redmine_question' plugin.
The planio plugin has a "3.3 branch":
Same for "igloon...


08:25 Redmine Help: RE: The error occurred when I try to install the 'redmine_question' plugin.
You are trying to install a plugin that hasn't been updated in six years, maybe it isn't compatible with a recent Red...


14:37 Redmine Help: RE: How to get Rest api key?
To enable: Administration > Settings > API > Enable REST web service
To get your API Key: My account > API access ke...


18:44 Redmine Patch #27992 (New): Galician translation
Translated against current trunk and 3.4.x.
Corrected some words:...
07:26 Redmine Patch #27989: Change Galician translation for "Underline" and "Wiki link" (jstoolbar-gl.js)
both words exist in galician, and are similar:
* "Ligazón":

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