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07:59 Redmine Patch #33131: Galician translation update
Somewhat, I messed up the file's encoding. I opened the file with jEdit and corrected the wrong characters.
I have r...


21:37 Redmine Patch #33131 (Closed): Galician translation update
Translated six remaining strings added in #31589, #29285, #32628 and #32528:...


08:35 Redmine Wiki edit: Theme_List (#561)
Update Flatly light, RTMaterial and PurpleMine2 theme's info


09:11 Redmine Defect #32449: Diff view for .js files in repositories is broken
After applying Mizuki ISHIKAWA's change and restarting Redmine, _View differences_ page works flawlessly with .js files.


10:36 Redmine Defect #32449: Diff view for .js files in repositories is broken
Same with our Mercurial SCM.
h2. version 3.4.4.stable --> works fine
!{width: 70%}


11:15 Redmine Help: RE: Description Field Content is Hidden When Editing an Issue
> Is it configurable, like to show the rich text editor instead?
No, it's not, but maybe you can tweak the theme to ...


08:33 Redmine Open discussion: RE: edit attachment description after upload
At least in Redmine 3.4.x with default theme there is an icon to the right of the attachments
> !edit_attachment.png!


11:28 Redmine Open discussion: RE: where can i found a new theme for my redmine?
There is a list at [[Theme_List]].
It wasn't accessible because it was vandalized. I have reverted the changes.


19:19 Redmine Defect #32808: Gantt Query Error 500
I think is the same error reported in #32737


11:54 Redmine Defect #32762: Unicode character fails edit Issue
I think is the same as #21398. People posted some workarounds there.

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