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12:09 Redmine Wiki edit: Theme_List (#498)
Update Purplemine2's theme information


16:53 Redmine Feature #13244: Restrict log time for old days
Pavel Potcheptsov wrote:
> Do you know if there an option to exclude certain users from that restriction?
No, it ...


12:04 Redmine Patch #31119 (Reopened): Galician translation update
Sorry, I made a typo on that string:...


18:17 Redmine Feature #13244: Restrict log time for old days
If anyone is interested a coworker made this plugin:
It does a lot of things,...
17:43 Redmine Patch #31119 (Closed): Galician translation update
Translated against current trunk.
17:05 Redmine Open discussion: RE: is it possible to recover deleted issues
Is not possible:
if you have a databa...


14:42 Redmine Open discussion: RE: redmine rest api - can we use operator > for int values ? get new issues fro...


12:23 Redmine Wiki edit: Theme_List (#496)


17:25 Redmine Help: RE: sharing project categories with sub-projects
AFAIK it's not possible, see #1278 #5358 #6794


14:45 Redmine Help: RE: NoMethodError undefined method set_inheritance_column for TracMigrate
That command is used to migrate from Trac to Redmine.
If you are trying to migrate from one version of Redmine to an...

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