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12:01 Redmine Help: Define a default email address that receives all kind of notification
Dear All,
I was wondering if there is a way to configure Redmine, so that it sends an email anytime an issue or a ...


09:26 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Multiple instances of redmine on Debian squeeze
Dear Snaky,
I'm not a ruby developer too, and I have tested only the Passenger and FCGI module. So, I can't help y...


00:40 Redmine Feature #6717: Custom list field with dynamic list content
The *General Solution* of issue #6716 would enhance even more the flexibility of the issue module to adapt easily to ...
00:36 Redmine Feature #6717 (New): Custom list field with dynamic list content
h2. Use Case
The administrator of the *Galaxy* project adds a new custom list field _"affected version"_, which co...
00:28 Redmine Feature #6716 (New): Linking version to category
h2. Use Case
The *Galaxy* company is developing a new project called *Solar System* foo project base on several co...
00:05 Redmine Patch #5510: Enable Mutliple Versions Per Issue
What does resolved for an issue means if it has not been integrated in any redmine release after that it reached the ...


01:54 Redmine Open discussion: Creating list custom field from query
Hi All,
I would like to know if it is possible to create a custom field of type list without specifying all the va...
01:41 Redmine Open discussion: Create a duplicate to all action
Hi All,
I think that in certain cases it would be copy one to many of an issue, for example if you have to perform...
01:38 Redmine Open discussion: Linking version to category
Dear all,
I believe that would be interesting if an admin could set a relationship "belongs to" between version ca...


01:49 Redmine Development: Proposal backport Debian/Ubuntu patch to Redmine trunk
Hi All,
I'm using Redmine from Debian/Ubuntu package for a while, and they simplify a lot the installation of Red...

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