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12:01 Redmine Help: Define a default email address that receives all kind of notification
Dear All,
I was wondering if there is a way to configure Redmine, so that it sends an email anytime an issue or a ...
Stefano Lenzi


09:26 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Multiple instances of redmine on Debian squeeze
Dear Snaky,
I'm not a ruby developer too, and I have tested only the Passenger and FCGI module. So, I can't help y...
Stefano Lenzi


00:40 Redmine Feature #6717: Custom list field with dynamic list content
The *General Solution* of issue #6716 would enhance even more the flexibility of the issue module to adapt easily to ... Stefano Lenzi
00:36 Redmine Feature #6717 (New): Custom list field with dynamic list content
h2. Use Case
The administrator of the *Galaxy* project adds a new custom list field _"affected version"_, which co...
Stefano Lenzi
00:28 Redmine Feature #6716 (New): Linking version to category
h2. Use Case
The *Galaxy* company is developing a new project called *Solar System* foo project base on several co...
Stefano Lenzi
00:05 Redmine Patch #5510: Enable Mutliple Versions Per Issue
What does resolved for an issue means if it has not been integrated in any redmine release after that it reached the ... Stefano Lenzi


01:54 Redmine Open discussion: Creating list custom field from query
Hi All,
I would like to know if it is possible to create a custom field of type list without specifying all the va...
Stefano Lenzi
01:41 Redmine Open discussion: Create a duplicate to all action
Hi All,
I think that in certain cases it would be copy one to many of an issue, for example if you have to perform...
Stefano Lenzi
01:38 Redmine Open discussion: Linking version to category
Dear all,
I believe that would be interesting if an admin could set a relationship "belongs to" between version ca...
Stefano Lenzi


01:49 Redmine Development: Proposal backport Debian/Ubuntu patch to Redmine trunk
Hi All,
I'm using Redmine from Debian/Ubuntu package for a while, and they simplify a lot the installation of Red...
Stefano Lenzi

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