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13:02 Redmine Feature #6910 (Closed): Update to new version of textile
It seams to me that redmine is using an old version of textile that for example does not support -- for an em-dash. A... Daniel Schuba


11:41 Redmine Development: RE: Merging Files & Documents
I have not read all the discussion, but here is just what I would like to have.
* A central place where all files/...
Daniel Schuba


13:09 Redmine Feature #1538: Adding "updates" information to CSV export
This would be a great Feature. But I think first the description should be exportet right, when there are breaks in t... Daniel Schuba


11:24 Redmine Wiki edit: UX_Team (#9)
Daniel Schuba


13:34 Redmine Feature #6794 (New): Global and inheritable Categories
Would be nice if categories could be global for all projects or inherited for subprojects. The point is that with hav... Daniel Schuba
13:19 Redmine Feature #6793 (New): Report for issues with no category for all projects
Because of the fact that the filter for categories is deleted when a report is saved as public and/or for all project... Daniel Schuba


12:46 Redmine Feature #6767: View for issue categories similar to milestones
I think that should be trivial to create an would improve the usability very much. May anybody do something about thi... Daniel Schuba
12:30 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Usability Initiative
Yes sure... I'll try my best to make this team a bit more activ ;) Daniel Schuba
12:23 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Usability Initiative
Thanks for the link... but seams a bit like this Team is not very activ at the moment Daniel Schuba


11:09 Redmine Open discussion: Usability Initiative
I think that redmine is a great projectmanagement tool. But while implementing it in the company I'm working at I rea... Daniel Schuba

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