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01:54 Redmine Help: RE: Link to file?
Thx - the workaround is clear. Hahaha, "not yet" == _nine years_.
It does make me wonder what the "Files" tab was ev...
Jean-Claude Wippler


12:35 Redmine Help: Link to file?
I've enabled the "Files" area in a project and added some files to it.
But I can't find a way to link to them from...
Jean-Claude Wippler


23:07 Redmine Help: RE: Trying to run Redmine with Caddy
For lack of a better solution, I'm sticking to Webrick and have added a restart via cron every night:
0 3 * * ...
Jean-Claude Wippler


10:02 Redmine Help: Trying to run Redmine with Caddy
Hello - I'm trying to get Redmine going with "Caddy":
It works if I start Redmine...
Jean-Claude Wippler


01:42 Redmine Feature #7551: Moderated forums, posting approval
I manage a Redmine forum setup with over 1200 members now, where spamming is a real concern. The way we have be...
Jean-Claude Wippler


11:06 Redmine Feature #22843 (Closed): Change the value of "pre" button in Markdown toolbar from "~~~" to "```"
When using the @pre@ button in the web editor to insert a pre-formatted code block for a project which uses Markdown ... Jean-Claude Wippler
10:58 Redmine Feature #22005: Rake task for converting from Textile to Markdown
FWIW, I went through this a while back - wrote a small custom script to scan through all wiki and forum posts in the ... Jean-Claude Wippler


20:33 Redmine Defect #21680: Save button in Settings tab disabled
Hmm, I can't reproduce it here anymore. Strange (I'm using Safari on Mac OSX). Suggest closing this issue for now, I'... Jean-Claude Wippler


18:40 Redmine Defect #21680 (Closed): Save button in Settings tab disabled
When **only** enabling the "Public" checkbox on the Settings/Information page, the Save button does not get enabled.
Jean-Claude Wippler


15:37 Redmine Feature #8095: Allow overriding the default text formatting in each project
What is the status of this feature request? Could and will a per-project Markdown/Textile setting be implemented?
Jean-Claude Wippler

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