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18:51 Redmine Feature #1953: Due date calculation based on developer's estimations
There is also a plugin that will assign the due date based on versions and durations:


08:37 Redmine Feature #4138: Add spent time comments in search
+1. I log all my time for invoicing and have lots comments to back up my bills. it would be great to be able to searc...


02:35 Redmine Plugins: RE: Contracts Plugin
Has anyone gotten contracts installed? I installed, rate, overhead, budget, lockfile gem, formtastic gem, but rake db...


20:38 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Logging Negative time: Time Bank / Holiday
yes it says invalid entry.
This would pretty much solve the problem for the short term.
For the long term, it w...


00:50 Redmine Open discussion: Logging Negative time: Time Bank / Holiday
Is there any way (plugin?) to log negative hours, or have an issue which subtracts its time from totals?
My use ...


23:57 Redmine Open discussion: RE: VBOX with Redmine 1.0.1 ?
go to
they have an image for 1.0 works a treat


23:19 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Versions vs Milestones
I am interested in this plugin as well as I am in the construction business not software development

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