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03:23 Redmine Patch #32424: CommonMark Markdown Text Formatting
I like this patch a lot, too, and agree that the HTML Pipeline will make existing code much nicer, modular and ...


01:33 Redmine Feature #1575: Toolbar button to insert a table
Unfortunately the grid lines of the selection UI are not properly displayed in Firefox.


03:34 Redmine Feature #32085: Allow newline as a separator in "Allowed extensions", "Disallowed extensions", "E...
Looks good to me!
Just a little remark about the test code:
Maybe it's better to add a new extension separated b...
03:22 Redmine Defect #32971: New line between list items break a list
Tried it out. The test passed, so looks good to me!


11:40 Redmine Defect #32971: New line between list items break a list
How about adding a unit test to prevent future regressions of this conversion?
11:18 Redmine Feature #1718: Wiki - Table column sorting
There was a little problem with the patch (or was it just on my side?): It assumed that the JavaScript/CSS files were...


10:28 Redmine Feature #32998: Change the default value for "Default Gravatar image" to "Identicons"
+1 As Bernhard said, it'a a well known and good-looking default option!


02:14 Redmine Patch #32238: German translation update
Looks good to me!
> I admit that _Unteraufgabe_ is a much nicer word than _Unterticket_, but maybe that's just a...


03:41 Redmine Patch #32196: Allow import time entries for other users
Sounds good.
I also agree that option 2 would be better.


04:00 Redmine Feature #31756: Add more values to done ratio
Currently not possible. The options are hardcoded into the Issue form.
Seems you would have to write a plugin for ...

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