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12:32 Redmine Defect #10564 (Closed): Unable to change locked, sticky flags and board when editing a message
In a forum if I create a message and check the boxes and I go back to edit again I see that the sticky and locked che...
11:20 Redmine Help: RE: Sticky forum posts not working
I confirm I have the same bug on Redmine 1.3.2, Ruby 1.8.7 with MySQL on Ubuntu 10.04


18:26 Redmine Feature #7744 (Closed): display issues with attachment in the issue list
A feature that sometimes I would need is to display only the issues that have at least 1 attachment.
Would it be p...


09:12 Redmine Feature #7728 (Closed): create a repository
Currently Redmine is connected to existing repositories (SVN, GIT etc.), would it be possible to create a repository ...


10:40 Redmine Patch #7227 (Closed): Italian translation
Hi all,
I just updated the italian translation from the latest revision (4554), took from the trunk


09:17 Redmine Feature #2850: Add next/previous navigation to issue


08:26 Redmine Feature #7030 (Closed): link issue which belong to the same custom query
In redmine it is possible to define custom query that can be saved in private or public way.
Sometimes it is requi...

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