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09:38 Redmine Help: Redmine hangs
One of our Redmine users reported that Redmine would hang after browsing different pages.
What do you think w...


09:08 Redmine Help: Installing Plugin
I just to clarify some steps in Plugin Installation:
For Step #2: It says "#{RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/plugins"
06:15 Redmine Help: Logo
Hi, is it possible to add an image before the Redmine title page?
Please see attached file. Thanks!
If it's possi...
02:46 Redmine Help: Renaming "Issues" to "Tasks"
How, is it possible to rename the "Issues" tab to "Tasks"?
--> http://www.plurkpix.com/pix/a5X.png
If so, how can...


04:35 Redmine Help: Backing up Redmine
Everytime I try to backup my Redmine attachments through this command:...


11:37 Redmine Help: RE: Installation questions
Thank you so much Mr. Lecavelier. I think I should try Bitnami as I'm really having trouble. Thanks again!
11:31 Redmine Help: RE: LoadError in WelcomeController#index
Ah sorry, I forgot to mention that I wasn't able to click the Show session dump link in the IE/FF screenshot. Anyway,...
11:27 Redmine Help: LoadError in WelcomeController#index
I just want to ask how will I able to solve this problem whenever I point my browser to http://localhost:3000 --> Loa...
10:57 Redmine Help: RE: Installation questions
BTW, I'm using Windows
10:55 Redmine Help: RE: Installation questions
Step #6 also confuses me. Does the lines...

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