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16:13 Redmine Help: Attchments can't be found after restoring a backup
Hi !
I have set up a new redmine server, imported the old database and copied the files folder. Everything works a...
Joe Kandaba


13:09 Redmine Defect #949: Style not applied to wiki image
+1 This should be one line of code right ? Joe Kandaba


15:53 Redmine Defect #8395 (Closed): Tags start with 'pre' are handled as 'pre' tag in Textile
If you use < and > in your wiki you might have something like:
<previous> <next> etc...
As yo...
Joe Kandaba
15:51 Redmine Defect #8394 (New): Handling of html tags in search
I wanted to check if a bug regarding < pre > behavior in the wiki already existed - i noticed that thousands of ticke... Joe Kandaba


20:35 Redmine Help: RE: View issues in the past AND future ?
So i finally figured out how to do this:
You can set the filter on the due date to "more than days ago" and set th...
Joe Kandaba
15:30 Redmine Help: RE: View issues in the past AND future ?
So is this not possible or does no one know ?
If you don't know: How do you handle this ? How do you get an overvi...
Joe Kandaba


18:51 Redmine Help: View issues in the past AND future ?
I can create a filter thats hows ticked with due dates before today (overdue issues) and i can create one that shows ... Joe Kandaba


12:29 Redmine Feature #3513: Baseline Project
Actually it would be nice to not only export/import a project once but to keep a project syncronized between 2 or mor... Joe Kandaba
11:52 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Sharing/integrating projects between installations / companies
I don't think it's possible, but i would SO want this!! Joe Kandaba

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