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18:15 Redmine Defect #33530 (New): Removing repository unlinks issues from changesets for all projects
A bit rare problem.
1. Let we have two projects linked to one SCM repository (same filesystem path to the checkout...


13:49 Redmine Defect #30441 (Closed): Attachments with Unicode uppercase names are not shown in wiki pages
Attachments with Unicode upper-case filenames (like @TestТест.png@ aka @Test\xd0\xa2\xd0\xb5\xd1\x81\xd1\x82.png@) ar...


12:31 Redmine Feature #2047: Add SVG support, like images
Jun NAITOH wrote:
> patch for trunk.
Is there a chance to get this small patch in trunk? Manual patches t...
12:22 Redmine Feature #13317 (New): Pluggable PDF export engine
Redmine could support multiple PDF export engines provided in form of redmine plugins.
Administrator could choose ...


20:58 Redmine Defect #7516 (Reopened): Redmine does not work with RubyGems 1.5.0
Doesn't work for me with trunk (r5798), rails 2.3.11, rubygems 1.8.2, RedCloth (4.0.4, 3.0.4).
It is very similar to...


18:25 Redmine Feature #401: Add pdf export for WIKI page
It will be good even if redmine will export wiki to docbook. Docbook generation is not platform dependent and easier ...

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