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19:40 Redmine Feature #6965: Option to Copy Subtasks when copying an issue
Anybody tested the plugin successfully with 2.0.3?
To me this seems rather a major bug to be fixed within th...
Rolf Stetter
19:34 Redmine Defect #11790: Copy ticket: no sub tickets
#6965 indeed duplicates this.
But I can confirm it worked with 1.x without additional plugin.
Honestly, I consi...
Rolf Stetter
18:45 Redmine Defect #11790 (Closed): Copy ticket: no sub tickets
When copying a ticket only the ticket itself is copied, sub tickets are missing.
This used to work fine with 1.x r...
Rolf Stetter


14:59 Redmine Feature #10573 (New): Excel2Wiki
Editing Wiki tables is not very convenient in Wiki syntax - and so far none of the WYSIWG editing plugins I have test... Rolf Stetter


17:11 Redmine Feature #9691: Silent Mode
Thanks for your advice.
Reading this sounds promising : "Especially useful for silent mass-updates when you don't ...
Rolf Stetter


12:04 Redmine Feature #9806: News confirmation
Publishing news is a nice concept for sharing information any project member should acknowledge.
But it lacks a conf...
Rolf Stetter
11:59 Redmine Feature #9806 (New): News confirmation
Rolf Stetter
09:58 Redmine Feature #2323: Workflow permissions for administrators
> Anyway, there may be a good reason to break it... say that some issues have been left unresolved for a long tim...
Rolf Stetter


17:14 Redmine Feature #9691 (New): Silent Mode
For maintenance tasks I would like to switch to like a silent mode where any changes won't trigger mail notific... Rolf Stetter


19:10 Redmine Defect #7039: CSV export. Line breaks. Excel
ups.. you are right!
So, I am very interested in getting your fix released..
Don't want to start patching.
Rolf Stetter

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