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17:30 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Plugin: Twitter-like status updates for projects
Damn, shame on me that I don't know ruby!!!
@Brian Terlson - so you wrote that you got issue/wiki/revision linkin...


19:50 Redmine Open discussion: Working on?
Hey guys, I was wondering if there is a plugin that you could use to say: "I'm working on task 210 today..."
When ...


23:42 Redmine Open discussion: Automate Git repository creation and usage
Hey guys,
We are currently using svn for all our project, but are thinking to migrate to git.
Since we were using ...


12:34 Redmine Help: RE: 502 proxy error
More info from the log:...
11:34 Redmine Help: 502 proxy error
Hi @ll,
Today I tried to add this repository to redmine: http://svn.wp-plugins.org/chimpexpress and whenever I go to...

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