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12:47 Redmine Feature #30069: Integrate Redmine with GitLab (or other free CI system for open source) to run tests
In my opinion, the absence of this feature really slows down development. Also, such integration may help other proje... Peter Volkov


19:35 Redmine Patch #24623: Implements CRUD permissions and restrictions to issue attachments
This is really sad that we do not have permissions for attachments in redmine. Our company wants to pay for finishing... Peter Volkov
19:34 Redmine Job offers: Finish work on attachment permissions of issue (#24623)
There is a long-standing patchwork that implements permissions and restrictions for issue attachments #24623. We woul... Peter Volkov


10:54 Redmine Defect #17555: Mandatory condition for 'Category' & 'Assignee' is not working according to workflow defined
Yea, I'm having troubles with making assegnee field mandatory. And another user reported exactly the same problem her... Peter Volkov


19:44 Redmine Feature #8095: Allow overriding the default text formatting in each project
Currently, we use the following plugin:
but it would be ni...
Peter Volkov


23:30 Redmine Feature #24808: OAuth2 support for Redmine API Apps (OAuth2 Provider)
I think that "Needs feedback" is a wrong status here. According to #12827 this status means that this ticket is waiti... Peter Volkov


15:07 Redmine Feature #29687 (Closed): Keep history for comment editions
Whenever I edit a comment it is updated but as far as I can see there is no history for that. We need history for all... Peter Volkov


15:37 Redmine Feature #13441: Save draft option for new issue
Same as #6154. Peter Volkov
15:36 Redmine Feature #22752: Draft feature
Same as #6154. Peter Volkov


14:49 Redmine Feature #8363: Git: Pull requests
Warren Postma wrote:
> I am starting to think that the time for putting this in Redmine is long past.
We are goin...
Peter Volkov

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