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15:26 Redmine Feature #23307: Get which auth_source_id of a user
What is the status of this issue? Roger Mårtensson


15:37 Redmine Feature #23307 (New): Get which auth_source_id of a user
it would've been nice to be able to get which auth_source_id a given user has through the REST API. A nice complement... Roger Mårtensson
14:39 Redmine Feature #23306 (New): Support for authentication sources in REST API
Would be nice to have a way to get a list of authentication sources with the REST API. Especially since auth_source_i... Roger Mårtensson


09:20 Redmine Feature #6836 (Closed): Sort project list by Name instead of identifier
When listing subproject in a parent projects Overview and on the Projects page these sub-projects are sorted using th... Roger Mårtensson

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