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02:01 Redmine Feature #482 (Closed): Default assignee on each project
It would nice to have a setting item to select default assignment for a new ticket, Motohiro Takayama
01:48 Redmine Feature #481 (Closed): Shortcut to create new issue
It would be nifty to have keyboard shortcut to create new issue from everywhere in a project.
Currently we cannot cr...
Motohiro Takayama


12:06 Redmine Feature #450 (Closed): Preview on add_issue
Redmine does not have preview on add_issue screen.
It could give more usability to have confirmation before submitti...
Motohiro Takayama
11:59 Redmine Feature #449 (Reopened): Keyboard shortcuts
It would be so convinient and productive if redMine supports keyboard shortcuts like Trac or some nifty web apps.
Motohiro Takayama

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