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22:08 Redmine Feature #3463: Export all wiki pages to PDF


04:36 Redmine Open discussion: Changing repository link
I have a project where the repository settings point to the wrong directory. How do you change the repository URL?


22:43 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Checkboxes on left of issues on Issue list
Ah. I didn't even realize that there *was* a right-click context menu.
22:03 Redmine Open discussion: Checkboxes on left of issues on Issue list
On the issue list (both single-project and multiproject) there are checkboxes to the left of each issue. Are these a...


02:54 Redmine Help: RE: email.yml docs?
I'm looking for information like what values are valid for delivery_method, or authentication. Are you telling me th...


19:16 Redmine Help: email.yml docs?
Maybe I'm blind, or I'm missing the obvious, but is there any documentation for the entries in email.yml? I've gone ...


19:12 Redmine Defect #2217 (Closed): Custom Field does not show up on cross-project issue list 'Add filter' ...
I've just added a Boolean Custom Field, marked as valid for all trackers, with 'For All Projects' and 'Used as a Filt...


18:01 Redmine Help: Installation on a machine where you don't have command-line?
What's the best strategy for installing redmine on a hosting site where you don't have command-line access (e.g. GoDa...

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