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18:34 Redmine Help: File Upload Problem
I had an problem this morning where file uploads would not work. I tracked the problem down to the user that was set... tom vaughan


00:56 Redmine Feature #4244: Multiple email addresses for each user
+1 this is needed badly. tom vaughan


18:57 Redmine Help: RE: Email problem with 2.3.1
I was able to figure out the problem and it had nothing to do with redmine or passenger. The emails were not being s... tom vaughan
02:36 Redmine Help: Email problem with 2.3.1
I have a new install of version 2.3.1 and I am not able to get it to send any email. I have looked in all the logs I... tom vaughan


23:50 Redmine Help: mongrel error
I keep getting the error below in mongrel.log. I have had this before and do have both mongrel.rb and patch_for_mong... tom vaughan


19:03 Redmine Open discussion: RE: SSL on cpanel server
Bumping this, still can't get SSL to work on a WHM/Cpanel server. tom vaughan


01:21 Redmine Open discussion: RMagick Causes Segmentation Fault
I am on a CentOS 5.7 WHM/Cpanel server and trying to get RMagick installed. Imagemagick is installed and RMagick int... tom vaughan


07:16 Redmine Feature #9054 (Closed): New Issue Submission Form
As it states in the Submitting Bugs instructions:
Submitting a Feature Request
Before submitting a feature reques...
tom vaughan


20:23 Redmine Open discussion: Cpanel Now Requires Rails 2.3.12
The install doc says rails 2.3.11 required. Is this still true? tom vaughan


19:13 Redmine Open discussion: SSL on cpanel server
I already have a SSL cert installed and working on the domain but I am unable to access redmine using https. This is ... tom vaughan

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