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19:16 Redmine Plugins: RE: Projects Tree View Plugin - Version 0.0.1
Does this plugin make any changes to Redmine API? It looks so. I'm a developer of a plugin for Visual Studio and here... Dmit nitkin


11:27 Redmine Help: REST API error
I'm a developer of plugin for SVN and Visual Studio, and not familiar with Ruby.
The problem is:
On some insta...
Dmit nitkin


10:43 Redmine Help: How can I get activity_id for Time Entries API
To create Time Entry with REST API this parameters should be used:
•time_entry (required): a hash of the time entry ...
Dmit nitkin


08:11 Redmine Development: RE: gantt chart filtering
All problems I said in seems to be solved
Thank you for great patch. I'll ...
Dmit nitkin


14:53 Redmine Patch #7456: Gantt filters
I couldn't apply gantt_filters_render.patch and then apply gantt_filters_issue_compare.patch (I used tortoise...
Dmit nitkin


14:36 Redmine Help: printing problems
Printing works fine on issues tab in IE 6 and Opera 11 (100 issues per page is set)
In IE 7,8 there are only 1 ...
Dmit nitkin


20:27 Redmine Defect #7352: Filters not working in Gantt charts
Don't you plan to make patch that doesn't show projects on gantt when this projects don't have issues with assignee ... Dmit nitkin
14:37 Redmine Feature #7358 (New): Activity Tab customization
It'll be usefull to see on activity page all issues events e.g. assigned to changing, subtask adding, ralated issues ... Dmit nitkin
08:37 Redmine Help: RE: Activity page
There are only comments changing activity. Dates, assignee and some other attributes changings are not shown on activ... Dmit nitkin


10:41 Redmine Help: Activity page
Is there a way to see on activity page all issues events e.g. subtask adding, ralated issues changing, start and ...
Dmit nitkin

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