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08:36 Redmine Feature #364 (New): Create a proejct report in PDF
It would be nice to have one button to create one PDF taht contains the following:
- Project overview
- Gantt dia...
Frode Marton Meling


04:56 Redmine Feature #320: Link documents to latest repository link
My mistake, I now see that the link always points to latest
version. But I would like to be able to link documents f...
Frode Marton Meling
02:42 Redmine Feature #320 (New): Link documents to latest repository link
I would like to see 2 features added:
* In svn repository it should be possible to have a permalink that always po...
Frode Marton Meling


02:59 Redmine Defect #34 (Closed): Passwords are revield in logs
It is not good that all passwords are revieled in the logs. you should use this function in your model:
Frode Marton Meling

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