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22:00 Redmine Feature #7502: Display installed version in the footer
I would be quite glad to have this in the "Powered by" section ("Powered by Redmine 1.1.0...") Neil McFarlane


20:53 Redmine Feature #7382: Integrated cost tracking module
Would it really require more privacy then time tracking though? Neil McFarlane


16:57 Redmine Wiki edit: Redmine+Apache+Passenger_InstallOnRedHat (#2)
Added passenger default user line Neil McFarlane


23:41 Redmine Feature #2854: macro to make wiki template
This seems quite useful, any chance we could get something like this integrated? Perhaps "custom parameterizable mac... Neil McFarlane


23:44 Redmine Wiki edit: Redmine+Apache+Passenger_InstallOnRedHat (#1)
Tossed up the steps I took to get Redmine running on Red Hat. Neil McFarlane
03:22 Redmine Defect #7425: Update of issues should provide at least the same features as context menu on issues table
I tend to use the expanded version more frequently then the regular edit. Would it be possible to make this a custom... Neil McFarlane


21:27 Redmine Wiki edit: HowTo_install_Redmine_on_CentOS_5 (#4)
Casing Neil McFarlane


05:15 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Simple cost management feasible?
Replaced the page w/ a feature request (#7382) Neil McFarlane
05:11 Redmine Feature #7382: Integrated cost tracking module
Any thoughts / feedback would be appreciated. If this proposal does seem acceptable in principle for mainline accept... Neil McFarlane
05:09 Redmine Feature #7382 (New): Integrated cost tracking module
h1. Overview
Being that Redmine is a project management web application, I believe that it could benefit significa...
Neil McFarlane

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