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23:07 Redmine Defect #7495 (Closed): Python multiline comments highlighting problem in Repository browser
When viewing Python code (from an SVN repo) in the repository viewer multiline PyDoc style comments aren't highlighte...


10:31 Redmine Help: Hiding wiki page attachments?
Wiki pages containing lots of inline images (from attachments) seem to end up with a huge ugly list of attachments at...


19:41 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineTextFormatting (#51)
Very minor grammar fixes and update Coderay capabilities.


19:52 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineRoles (#13)
Grammar police, extremely minor edits
19:42 Redmine Wiki edit: HowTo_Install_Redmine_in_Ubuntu (#21)
Grammar police, extremely minor edits
19:13 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineReminderEmails (#5)
Grammar police, extremely minor edits
19:06 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineRepositories (#34)
Grammar police, minor edits
18:50 Redmine Wiki edit: EmailConfiguration (#10)
18:47 Redmine Wiki edit: Coding_Standards (#8)


10:15 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine Feedback
I've used Redmine to replace multiple Trac instances and a single Bugzilla.

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