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12:05 Redmine Feature #2238 (New): better management of issues by email
- I think redmine can be more smart when not project found for an incoming email. Now the email is only marked as see... Jorge L. Cangas
11:43 Redmine Feature #2237 (New): Shared Project Configuration
Possibility of define a 'configuration profile' in order to share common options:
* Same members in multiple proje...
Jorge L. Cangas


11:23 Redmine Feature #2180: Lookup custom fields
Eric Davis wrote:
> You can just add a @customer_id@ field to issues via your plugin and then associate @issues belo...
Jorge L. Cangas


19:37 Redmine Feature #2180 (New): Lookup custom fields
-I need a custom field of type 'lookup', i.e., it can reference some other table. So I would add a 'customer' lookup ... Jorge L. Cangas

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