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13:23 Redmine Open discussion: Redmine 1.4 - rake problem
I have a problem with installing redmine 1.4 on hostgator
1.3 is running without any prolems
*the follo...


15:32 Redmine Help: RE: how to show code changes on issues
thanks a lot!
this solves my problem
i thought issue is also a key word but it was issueId :-)


19:59 Redmine Help: how to show code changes on issues
i have seen some screenshots where related code changes are shown below the issue describtion but have not fou...


14:27 Redmine Help: Disable E-Mail notification for admin user
i have disabled all email notifications for the admin user
my account => email notifications => no events


11:29 Redmine Help: RE: Subtasks Not Indented in Issues Screen - see Demo Big Project
have you already created an issue for this?
i have the same problem on my 1.1.1 installation
10:43 Redmine Feature #7450: Subtask : automatic status
if a parent task was closed and a new sub taks is added i would suggest opening the parent task again
09:43 Redmine Feature #7450: Subtask : automatic status
The possiblity to define a rule for status deriving would be great.
I use sub tasks for grouping of tasks because i ...

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