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03:15 Redmine Open discussion: RE: LDAP Authentication
I have a similar situation. I got this structure:
OU = Principal Domain
OU = First Group
OU = Second Group...
Reynier Perez Mira


17:15 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Installing a plugin from source code
Ok, I follow your suggestions but now I have a terrible error and it is with OpenFlashChart. I get all this errors:
Reynier Perez Mira


16:24 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Running Redmine with Apache
Ok, I answer myself it was a permissions problems. I fix and now it works fine.
Reynier Perez Mira
16:21 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Running Redmine with Apache
I follow every step explained in this URL Reynier Perez Mira
15:51 Redmine Open discussion: Installing a plugin from source code
I need to install a plugin called Redmine Charts [1] but I have a problem wich is that I never use GIT before an...
Reynier Perez Mira


23:15 Redmine Open discussion: Running Redmine with Apache
Hi every:
Since I have testing Redmine I ran this over WebRick. Now I'm ready to install and get a production server...
Reynier Perez Mira


04:39 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Working with external SVN
It doesn't work. I try and I get this error:... Reynier Perez Mira


16:32 Redmine Open discussion: Working with external SVN
Hi every:
I read the Redmine Guide and I don't know how to use an external SVN. What I mean with external SVN? A SVN...
Reynier Perez Mira
16:28 Redmine Open discussion: Working with LDAP
I was reading the LDAP Authentication in the Redmine Guide and I'm trying to get this work. Now when I logging u...
Reynier Perez Mira


21:34 Redmine Open discussion: Some problems with Redmine
Hi every:
I'm having a new problem with Redmine. Is with a Trac DB import. I have Trac installed in one ser...
Reynier Perez Mira

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