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18:43 Redmine Help: RE: read only permission for priority ignored
> Can you tell me where the cumulation is defined? It's pretty self explaining for project edit options and so an. Bu... Holger Just


14:53 Redmine Patch #38360 (Closed): Do not apply table-layout:fixed in potentially wide tables of detailed issue reports
In the detailed issue reports (e.g "here":, the table ... Holger Just
14:44 Redmine Patch #38359 (Closed): Render numeric axes in charts as Integers
When rendering charts in the issue reports and repository statistics, chart.js will render the axes with fractional n... Holger Just


23:01 Redmine Feature #38255 (Closed): Filter free and paid plugins in the plugin directory
Something very similar was already proposed and discussed in #17689. Holger Just
20:32 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Change URL files
Redmine stores the files on disk on the server in a directory structure keyed by year and month. The files are stored... Holger Just
20:24 Redmine Open discussion: RE: I have probllem in dowloading redmine. Redmine issued certificate expired
It is not Redmine's server certificate which is expired, but an optional root certificate in the certificate chain. M... Holger Just
19:05 Redmine Feature #38338 (Closed): JSON formatting
Redmine support *a lot* or languages via the "rouge gem":, including JSON. To avoi... Holger Just
18:56 Redmine Defect #38337 (Closed): Export Time as CSV : FrozenError (can't modify frozen String: "")
Redmine 4.0 does not officially support Ruby 2.7. Also Redmine 4.0.x does not receive any updates and is not supporte... Holger Just
16:05 Redmine Wiki edit: Security_Advisories (#75)
Holger Just


11:47 Redmine Defect #37984 (Closed): ERROR bad Request-Line on Redmine project
This issue is related to the webserver configuration. As common configurations work correctly and no further details ... Holger Just

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