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11:13 Redmine Help: Execute bash script from .rhtml file
In a .rthml file I'm trying to create a "link" that will start an external program but I don't even know if...


16:18 Redmine Patch #7456: Gantt filters
I have currently Redmine 1.1.1 (2011-01-30)
To apply the patch, I used
@patch -p0 < gantt_filters.patch@
15:33 Redmine Patch #7456: Gantt filters
Thank you for the quick answer and I must apologize, I should have looked more deeply
I have a conflict, that's th...
14:49 Redmine Patch #7456: Gantt filters
I tried the new .patch but there is a conflict with query.rb
Since my redmine is in production, I couldn't try to ...

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