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11:47 Redmine Defect #7857: A NoMethodError occurred in account#login
Dmitry Salashnik wrote:
> for solving my problem i put rails_6440_patch.rb to @config\initializers@ folder and my pr...
Chris Darts


08:57 Redmine Feature #5358: Share Issues Categories for sub-projects
I've just tested this on Redmine 1.2.0.stable.6000 and it seems to work fine.
Thanks Daniel.
Chris Darts


08:36 Redmine Patch #7456: Gantt filters
Jean-Philippe Lang wrote:
> I've just committed some changes to the gantt chart rendering in r5077.
> It should bas...
Chris Darts
08:23 Redmine Feature #5358: Share Issues Categories for sub-projects
Daniel Neis Araujo wrote:
> i've not had time to update the patch for 1.2.0 but i hope i can do this next week.
Chris Darts


11:20 Redmine Feature #5358: Share Issues Categories for sub-projects
I've just tested the patch file on the new Redmine 1.2.0 release and it seems there are some compatibilty issues.
Chris Darts


10:49 Redmine Feature #2024: gantt chart editing
I have attached is a newer version (v5) of this patch file from the developer. This resolves a few small bugs found i... Chris Darts


11:27 Redmine Plugins: RE: Default columns plugin
Sorry to hassle, but any news of 1.1.x compatibility? Chris Darts


14:43 Redmine Plugins: RE: Issue Closed Date
I'm happy to confirm this now works fine on Redmine v1.1.3.
Thanks Matheus for this great plugin.
Chris Darts


16:21 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Allow voting for issues on
This seems like a sensible suggestion to me. By creating a summary list of all feature requests with their respective... Chris Darts


10:47 Redmine Plugins: RE: Redmine Collapse plugin
I just tried on my other server and it seems to work fine, without commenting out any code. Must be some configuratio... Chris Darts

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